Welcome to Aubry Research

I’m Tiffany Aubry of Aubry Research, a marketing research firm specializing in bringing the story of the consumer to life. With a unique background that combines qualitative and quantitative expertise, I use consumer insights and quantitative analytics to get to the heart of consumer beliefs and to create an emotional story to drive marketing strategy.

As a seasoned moderator and longtime market researcher with a passion for behavioral psychology, I see beyond the data and numbers to pinpoint the nuances of consumer behavior and motivation. With an extensive background in analytics and marketing, I connect consumer findings to marketing strategy and help clients develop a coherent message that’s actionable.

Recognizing that every client has different marketing research needs at different stages of development, I can design a research plan that is unique to your current needs. Whether it is a complete marketing research plan from the ground up, or a short-term project that moves you to the next stage, I can help.